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Give Your Weight Loss a Boost this Summer!

“Winter bodies are made in the summer!” - Unknown

Whether you are trying to continue to lose weight this summer or maintain a healthy weight for winter, now is definitely a great time to consider kicking your healthy habits up a notch when it comes to your weight. One way to do so is through the assistance of our VitaminMed Weight Loss Kit.

Nathan Luoma, DC, & Brett Taylor, DC, chiropractic and weight-loss specialists, want to show you the additional benefits that VitaminMed Weight Loss Kit can bring you.

Shine Some Light on Weight Loss

Did you know that vitamin D actually plays an important role in weight loss? When you’re out in the sun, your body absorbs vitamin D, which is an important vitamin that helps your body to retain certain minerals like calcium. However, the sun isn’t the only source of vitamin D. There are other ways you can get enough vitamin D into your day, such as through fortified foods like:

  • Milk

  • Orange juice

  • Salmon

  • Tuna

  • Mackerel

  • Sardines

However, vitamin D isn’t the only way you can boost your weight loss this summer. Gulf Coast UltraSlim also offers a VitaminMed Weight Loss Kit, which has been shown to help increase weight loss in patients.

An Effective Weight Loss System

Maintaining a healthy weight is extremely important to our overall health. When you maintain a healthy weight, you also lower your chances of suffering from a number of medical conditions, such as:

  • Heart disease

  • Stroke

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressure

“Our goal at Gulf Coast UltraSlim is to give you the tools needed to kick your weight-loss up a notch, especially when trying to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle,” says Dr. Luoma. “The VitaminMed Weight Loss Kit has been shown to be effective in helping patients lose not just weight but abnormal fat.”

In fact, when people lose pounds through our VitaminMed Weight Loss Kit, they are losing more abnormal fat. While other programs may have you losing abnormal fat and lean body mass, our VitaminMed Weight Loss Kit helps you lose only what you shouldn’t be carrying around.

Additionally, you’ll not only shed pounds, but you’ll also lose inches, which is even more vital in weight loss and reducing your risk of the diseases mentioned above.

For more information about how Gulf Coast UltraSlim services can help you achieve additional weight loss this summer, click here or call 251-943-4948 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Luoma and Dr. Taylor today!

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