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UltraSlim Weight Loss Treatments​​


Revolutionary non-surgical liposuction alternative that slims the waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks with no down time.


Instant Fat Loss - Immediate loss of 3.5 inches of fat (average) per treatment.


2 Inch Loss Guarantee - Loss of 2 inches in 1 hour .... or your money back!


Safe - UltraSlim has ZERO side effects! FDA cleared as risk 1. That is the same risk as a tongue depressor!


Non-Invasive - No surgery, no shots, no risk!, and no down time.


Lasting results - The lost fat is gone, forever. Only bad habits can accumulate new fat.


Free Consultation - Pricing and packages are tailored to your individual needs at a no obligation consultation.​​ Click to learn more about UltraSlim.

VitaminMed Kits 


Used as our "maintenance weight loss kits."


Helps keep a healthy diet after weight loss.


Safe and effective weight loss. Helps lose not only pounds, but also inches.


Click to learn more about VitaminMed Kits

Gulf Coast UltraSlim 


Under the same roof as One Life Chiropractic.


Helps provide a one stop shop for all alternative weight loss & health care needs.


Provides the most cutting edge weight loss technology on the market to Baldwin County, AL and surrounding areas.

Schedule a free weight loss consultation below or call (251) 943-4948!
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