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Our Mission and Vision

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One Life Chiropractic strives to offer the best chiropractic services in Baldwin County, AL. Dr. Brett Taylor and Dr. Nathan Luoma attended Life University College of Chiropractic.

Massage Therapy

One Life Chiropractic Offers: Trigger Point Therapy,Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, & Swedish Massages.



One Life Chiropractic has certified acupuncture experts on staff.

UltraSlim Body Sculpting & Weight Loss

Our new UltraSlim device has been creating quite a stir. This red light weight loss therapy guarantees a loss of 2" of fat on your first visit.


UltraSlim Non-Invasive Face-Lifts

Not only is UltraSlim a weight loss device, but was first cleared by the FDA for skin rejuvenation. This very special red light causes younger looking skin by producing more collagen and elastin.

CBD Products

One Life Chiropractic offers many ways to help your health and wellness. Our CBD products are a great way to help with pain, inflamation, and sleep problems.

One Life Chiropractic: Be the best you!

Dr. Brett Taylor & Dr. Nathan Luoma take pride in helping patients become the best form of themselves. Both doctors take your health and wellness personally, and can set up a plan to help transform your life. Dr. Taylor & Dr. Luoma have helped countless patients with neck and back pain. The office also has a full time masseuse and certified acupuncturists. Newly added, UltraSlim Red Light Weight Loss Therapy can help sculpt and transform your body, with no side effects, instantly. This is just one more service that One Life Chiropractic offers to transform your body!

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