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Get the Skinny on Adipose Tissue

Any time you hear the word, “fat,” do you shriek with fear? What if we told you that having body fat is actually important to your overall health? It’s just a matter of finding that healthy balance.

What Is Adipose Tissue?

In most cases, you probably reference “body fat” as just that – body fat. However, body fat is actually known as “adipose tissue” and plays a critical role as an endocrine organ within your body.

Adipose tissue is used to store and release energy throughout the body in the form of fat. In addition, the adipose tissue also communicates with other cells throughout the body, which can help to regulate glucose, cholesterol, and metabolism levels.

Adipose tissue helps to insulate and cushion the body, especially the internal organs and in between the muscles.

Too Much of a Good Thing!

As with anything, you can have too much of a good thing. Same is true for adipose tissue.

When the body has too much (or even too little) adipose tissue, health problems can appear.

When the body holds onto too much adipose tissue, it can lead to obesity, which can result in a number of health problems, including:

  • Arthritis

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Depression

  • Heart disease

  • High blood pressure

  • Increase risk of cancer

  • Infertility

  • Stroke

  • Type 2 diabetes

Men and women tend to store adipose tissue differently within the body. For instance, men store fat around their internal organs, which leads to more fat in and around their abdomen when they gain weight. With women, when extra weight is carried, the body fat is stored more within the thighs and buttocks. However, this doesn’t mean that adipose tissue cannot be stored throughout other parts of the body, too. It’s crucial to adhere to a healthy diet along with exercising four to five times a week to ensure you maintain a healthy amount of adipose tissue within the body.

Reducing Adipose Tissue One Fat Cell at a Time

Are you carrying around more adipose tissue than you would like? Gulf Coast UltraSlim is here to help you start feeling more like yourself again by reducing the amount of adipose tissue in your body as soon as the very first session!

“This state-of-the-art technology allows patients a way to painlessly lose an average of 1.6 liters of fat with no pain, no needles, no downtime, and no need for surgery,” states Gulf Coast UltraSlim expert Dr. Luoma. “And the best part? Each UltraSlim session only takes 32 minutes, which means you can jumpstart your lifestyle change over lunch!”

During the procedure, fat is eliminated safely within the body, while also slimming the body and toning loose skin. In addition, since UltraSlim drains the fat cells of fatty acids and triglycerides, cholesterol levels are improved and hunger is reduced.

“Our goal is to deliver optimal care to our patients,” Dr. Luoma explains. “UltraSlim is a non-invasive, easy way for patients to lose fat and regain confidence to conquer their dreams.”

For more information about Gulf Coast UltraSlim services and how we can help you achieve weight loss with zero side effects , click here or call 251-943-4948 to speak to Dr. Luoma today!

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