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When diet and exercise aren’t enough—go beyond with UltraSlim services

You’ve been hitting the gym. Eating healthy. Parking further away from the grocery store to get your extra steps in. Even taking the stairs!

But you’re still not seeing results.

When diet and exercise don’t seem to be doing the trick, we often find ourselves frustrated. We want to say, “FORGET THIS!” and hit the nearest drive-thru. But sometimes diet and exercise alone aren’t enough when you factor in genetics, age, stress, and a plethora of other tricky elements that can bring your progress to a screeching halt.

If you’ve found yourself at a weight-loss stalemate, why not try something else? With our UltraSlim services, you not only get healthy-eating guidance and motivation from a friendly face, you also enjoy the clinically-proven slimming effects of UltraSlim Professional. Through the use of photonic energy of light, in about 30 minutes, fat cells are reduced, and a slimmer appearance is achieved. Your body is trimmed up by simply sitting under the special light—you get to lay down and relax on a comfy table while shedding inches.

In addition to the UltraSlim Professional services, you get the added benefit of an accountability partner thanks to our ultra-knowledgeable UltraSlim expert, Jessica Van Horn. Jessica changes lives through honest, open communication about diet and exercise. “If you’re willing to put in the work, you will see results,” she says.

Through supplement packages, a diet plan, an exercise regimen, and regular UltraSlim Professional treatments, you can reset your metabolism to achieve the healthy, high-energy body you’ve always wanted. UltraSlim treatments are quick and painless—and Jessica is happy to sit there and keep you company during your 30 or so minutes of the noninvasive procedure.

“Most people love it. Women especially are often so busy in their day to day lives that having a few moments to just relax here while shedding inches is a welcome break!” she says.

For those who feel as though they’ve tried everything, Jessica says it’s worth going outside of the box and getting that little something extra that comes with seeking professional services to bolster your health. “We will work for you and with you, and we will figure out what’s going on with why you’re unable to lose the weight. We want to help you achieve your goals, so you can live your best life,” she adds.

For more information about UltraSlim services, click here or call 251-943-4948 to speak to Jessica Van Horn today!

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